Flash Foward Festival 2013

Twenty-Two Ironworkers included at the upcoming Flash Forward 2013 Group Show in Boston:


Flash Forward 2013 Group Show
May 1 – 4, 2014
Fairmont Battery Wharf (Boston, MA)

Copied from flashforwardfestival.com:

The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward program is an annual competition that showcases the work being created by the very best emerging photographers from Canada, the USA and the UK. Every year, judges from each of the participating countries review submitted work and identify those young people that they believe show great promise as professional fine art or documentary photographers.

The Flash Forward 2013 Group Show features a select cross-section chosen from the bodies of work featured in the competition catalogue. The photography covers all genres from documentary, photojournalism and fine art studio practices and shows how each of these young photographers are affected and influenced by their mentors, interests and choices of subject matter.

The Flash Forward 2013 Group Show pays tribute to the diversity of the annual program and its growing profile, offering evidence that the best emerging photographers are at the cutting edge of the direction that photography will take in future years.