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Confluence Gallery, Yukon School of Visual Arts
Dawson City, Yukon
Three channel 16mm film installation

Conversations is an installation piece that was presented as a solo exhibition at Confluence Gallery in Dawson City, Yukon  (May 21 – June 10, 2010).

The work explores the medium of film as both material object and source of two-dimensional representation. Three motion-activated 16mm projectors, installed on the gallery floor, project a loop of hand-processed footage showing natural environments which alternate with tightly composed shots of unidentified human bodies.

The sculptural installation in the centre of the gallery functions as both projection screen for the imagery and as a physical armature to support each extended loop of film. As the images are continually projected, they experience a slow decay from the friction caused by the film’s tension against the assembled branches and tree trunks—nature slowly deconstructs culture the longer the eye gazes upon it.